Release Management: Jenkins Continuous Integration Pipeline From GIT to Tomcat

Release Management: Setup Jenkins Continuous Integration Pipeline From GIT to Tomcat


  • Jenkins is Working
  • Tomcat is working
  • Maven is installed on Jenkins Machine
  • You have a working Maven Project that you are able to build and deploy
  • Git is installed on Jenkins Machine
  • You have a working project on GitHub
  • You are able to down load your project from github
  • You are able to send changes to github from your machine
  • You are able to build the project which is on Github
  • You are able to deploy the project (built from Code in Git) to Tomcat
  • Below Plugins are installed in Jenkins
    • Deploy to container Plugin
    • Clone Workspace SCM Plug-in
    • Git plugin
    • Build Pipeline Plugin

Build a First Web project using maven in Jenkins

We will use a Project that we have used and tested earlier

  • Type = Maven Project
  • Name = TESTING3
  • Source Code = NONE
  • Build Triggers = Nothing should be selected
  • BUILD Root POM = /home/u_jenkins/TESTING3/my-first-webapp/pom.xml
  • Goals = clean package
  • [[ SAVE ]]
  • Once Created Use the [[Build Now]] on the left hand side.
  • Once Build is running use the [[Console Output]] on the left hand side to see the output


Validate the console output as below:


Setup Tomcat Security so that we can deploy from Jenkins


  • $ vi ~/TOMCAT/conf/tomcat-users.xml
  • $ cat ~/TOMCAT/conf/tomcat-users.xml
    • <?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’utf-8′?>
    • <tomcat-users>
    • <user username=”deployer” password=”secret-deployer” roles=”manager-script”/>
    • </tomcat-users>
  • $
  • $ ~/TOMCAT/bin/ stop
    • :::
  • $ ~/TOMCAT/bin/ start
    • ::::
    • Tomcat started.
  • $

Build a First Web project using maven and GIT and Deploy to Tomcat in Jenkins

In this section we will see how to Build a Pipeline from GIT to Tomcat:: Putting it all together

  • DEMO_PULL_FROM_GIT ( Freestyle Project)
  • DEMO_BUILD_DEPLOY (Maven Project)
    • Source Code Management -> Clone Workspace -> DEMO_PULL_FROM_GIT
    • Build Triggers-> Build after other projects are built (DEMO_PULL_FROM_GIT)
    • BUILD Root POM = pom.xml
    • Goals = clean package
    • Post-build actions ->

Follow the screen shots below if you need more details






Now run the first job in the pipeline Pipeline DEMO_PULL_FROM_GIT , it should kick off the next job, they should all be success.

Use the “Build Now” and “Console Output” links.

Now we will set up the pipeline view.  ( use the “+” which is next to All as per the screen shot below)

View Name = Demo

Build Pipleline View

Use “DEMO_PULL_FROM_GIT” as the fist project.




Build a Pipeline which is automatically triggered when there is change in Source

We will make a change to trigger this pipeline whenever there is a change in GIT.

We will update the first project and setup a polling frequency of every 5 minutes for testing purposes.


We can look at the “Git Polling Log” to validate that all is working well. Git should be pulling from the source control repository every 5 minutes.


Now we will change the Source Code and push changes to Github

Let us use a brand new directory

  • $ mkdir –p /home/u_jenkins/TESTING
  • $ cd /home/u_jenkins/TESTING
  • $ git clone
    • Initialized empty Git repository in /home/u_jenkins/TESTING/learngit/.git/
    • remote: Counting objects: ….
    • remote: Total ….
    • Receiving objects: 100% (….), done.
  • $
  • $ cd /home/u_jenkins/TESTING/learngit
  • $ vi ./src/main/webapp/index.jsp
  • $ cat ./src/main/webapp/index.jsp
    • <html>
    • <body>
    • <h2>Hello World ! This line added after Jenkins pipeline is setup </h2>
    • </body>
    • </html>
  • $ git add ./src/main/webapp/index.jsp
  • $ git commit -m “changed index.jsp after pipeline is built”
    • [master 78e8b9e] changed index.jsp after pipeline is built
    • 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)
  • $ git push
    • Counting objects: 11, done.
    • Compressing objects: 100% (4/4), done.
    • Writing objects: 100% (6/6), 527 bytes, done.
    • Total 6 (delta 1), reused 0 (delta 0)
    • To
    • .78e8b9e master -> master
  • $

Pipeline gets run automatically without any human intervention. It does the build and does the deployment to our tomcat.



Updated Application is deployed


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